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-Isaiah 40:31

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 7:46 PM

God gave me another good day today. =) He is definitely faithful.

I had a catch up with Lin today during lunch. I love Lin; she's so full of love and passion for God and for her friends and family. I really received a spiritual anointing from her, and I'm glad that she was honest with me. Through her, God was reinforcing what Yan had said to me before. And I called her after class again to chat with her a bit - Thanks for listening, Linny! <3

I usually dread tuesdays because it is the two most boring lessons of the week, but today felt so good. My math lectures are the best! Seriously. My lecturer finished SUPER EARLY, like he ended halfway through the period and had finished teaching all he needed to. How awesome is that? So I happily strolled to Three Wise Muffins to grab a cup of cappucino, since I have to admit my eye were failing to stay open during math. No thanks to the comfy seats. Pfft. My coffee addiction isn't as bad as it used to be, thank goodness ^.^''

And seriously, the study of Hip Hop Culture is really quite interesting. It's kinda like an aspect or field that can be studied under... I suppose sociology or anthropology?

Then I decided to just sit in my EAP classroom early and do my work, so I started to head back, and bumped into Noelle on the way. This was quite funny (and Noelle, I forgot to mention this to you earlier) but I saw Noelle looking at the postcards in Union House and kept thinking that there was something familiar about her. Her back was turned towards me so I couldn't see her face. I thought of grabbing some postcards too so I started to scan the postcards, didn't find one I liked though. Then this other girl came up and poked on the girl in front of me and she turned to the side and it was Noelle! Lol. Ok random, I know. So I nudged her and said hello.

We ended up having an impromptu 1/2 hour catch-up; and despite the short time, we still got to share so much with each other =D. It was amazing how God spoke to each of us through the other's sharing. Haha. Daddy God is cool. Thanks Noelle for being so open and sharing with me =).

So I went to EAP feeling happy and in such a good mood. EAP lesson went by fast and the work wasn't urgent and pretty relaxed so yeahh. Also managed to clarify some things about my presentation topic so I have a clearer view of how to direct my argument now. Yay.

Oh, and last night tram ride and walk back from dance was fun. I finally got to have a nice chat with Tiff and Joy. It feels like so long and it just felt good to connect with them again. Tiff and Joy are awesome. Love them loads too. We were debating about "junk in the trunk" for a while, don't ask xD

God is good. All the time. Amen =)