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but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, October 27, 2008 9:29 PM

I somehow felt like doing a random blog post. Just let my thoughts flow and see what I type down till I'm satisfied; kind of like Psychoanalysis' Free Association method.

I suddenly thought of a rock. Like how many ways you can think of a rock. You can think of it as Jesus, our solid rock foundation. He will never waiver or cave in, but instead His strength is above all - He alone carried the weight of our sin, carrying us is really what He wants to do

Then you can also think of a rock as a roadblock, an obstacle that stops you from continuing on. Many who come upon such rocks in their walk of life end up feeling defeated and helpless, or even whining that it is blocking our way. Maybe we need to just stop and take a deep breath, and turn to God. Maybe He will help us to move the rock out of the way. Maybe He will even extend a hand and help us to jump over the rock. Maybe He will even direct us in a different direction.

I like the way Daddy God made me. Growing up with two brothers who loved video games and comic books, I guess I was pretty much raised a tomboy. Nothing wrong with that. Video games and comic books are awesome. I'm more of a t-shirt and jeans girl; the simple things are sometimes the best. No idea how to wear make-up; Laugh-out-loud. Ah well, Daddy God made me pretty without make-up so there xD

So I guess it was quite amusing for many to see me walk up in a waist-high short frilled-bubble skirt with stockings and ballet flats. PJ said, "Our little val is growing up!"

LOL. xD I love PlanetUni people for their randomness. Ben, Cherish, Tricia, Joey and Noelle are random beyond random sometimes. You guys are awesome.

I tagged this on Cherish's blog, but it's something to really reflect on - Our walk with God. For me, my journey with God has been pretty amazing. I suppose the environment that I am in helped to settle me and give me a boost, but really, the things that God has done in my life and the way he's shaped me is... Wow.

At this moment right now, I'm in a little struggle, and I'm really learning to just lean on him. To renew my strength by waiting on the Lord, according to Isaiah 40:31. I can't imagine how I would have been able to handle if I had not grown closer to God. I can't imagine how I would have been able to handle many things this year, should I not have God in my life.

Daddy God gave me a good day today. Productive in my studying. Psychology lecture was interesting, finishing off the chapter on Emotion. Drama was fun, again. Danny let us play this Cat&Mouse game where we had to be blindfolded and the cat (me) had to catch the mouse (Azzah). LOL. It was quite funny.

Oh by the way, Vanilla Chai Soy Latte is love. Noelle!! I want to try the Animal Orchestra one. Is it good?? =D

God has a reason for everything to happen. Good things and bad things. For us to learn, for us to go to Him and share our happiness or confide in Him when we are sad. Because seriously, He is more satisfying than anything.

Random thought, but maybe God spotlighted certain people in my life for me to draw close to. Hmm. I know that maybe quite an obvious thing, but I'm referring to people I know - He just happened to let me get to know them better and well, 'spotlighted' them.

Independence can be a really dangerous thing sometimes. I'm pretty independent for my age; I think I function like a 20-year-old. I can try to handle situations on my own without help, but then I might get even more frustrated, even if I do solve the problem in the end. The emotional burden is really great when you do things independently.

Really, all I need to do is say "Lord, I need You". That's all. He will definitely make you feel better, and He will answer your prayer. Knock and the door will open. Seek and you will find. Such awesome promises from God that we tend to take forgranted sometimes. Such awesome promises He has for us despite our sinful nature. Such great things He has in store for His children of this generation.

I mean, wow. Really wow.

Wow. My random post is pretty long. Haha. =)