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Saturday, November 01, 2008 10:52 PM

Trinity ball was fun =D. I got to enjoy a night of dinner, dance and dressing-up. For my first prom, it was really good. Thanks to Sarah, Taty and the committee who organised the event! =)

Although I had my embarassing moment where my dear palmies pushed me onto the dance floor to try and solo in heels. BAD IDEA. Note to self - If you're going to wear pants to prom and want to dance, bring sneakers. Heels and my style of hip hop just don't go together.

I guess it was still fun, though I got owned on the dance floor. Wymun, Randy and Ayie are craaazy. xD.

Oooh, Daddy God did something cool today. So, because I slept at 3am and my wonderful body alarm decided to kick me awake at 8 plus, I was super stone and dead tired throughout the entire day. Of course, me being the nerd I am chose to study for half the day and towards the end of the day, I could feel my mind just going flat and dying.

So I asked the Lord to perk me awake a bit, because I really wanted to finish the bit of work I was doing. I said, "Lord, please wake me up so that I may finish this work and just rest for the rest of the day"

Many may think it strange when I say this, but I suddenly felt a burst of energy inside. Somehow, my eyelids weren't heavy anymore and my eyes could open wider, and furthermore, my mind seemed more awake and alert.

Wow. Praise God. He is so faithful and answers even the smallest prayers. How awesome is He? =)

Today's daily bread emphasised what God has speaking to me about a lot recently, something that many of us struggle with. We tend to stress ourselves out over our lives because things are not going according to the way we planned. But really, we need to stop and think for a moment, is this according to His plan and His ways? We need to learn to step back and let go of control, and just rely on God to take hold of our life. Because we have a promise from Him that at the end of everything, is a blessing that He has waiting for us to claim and inherit =)

My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways.
—Isaiah 55:8

Oooh. I attended the Baptism service today. Congratulations to all the people who got baptised today - Andrew, Cherish, James, HuiHui, Debs, Joanna, Jacquelyn, William, Cynthia - You guys are awesome!

Baptism is a such a beautiful. When I first went up to pray for one of my friends who was getting baptised, I nearly teared. You could really feel the power of his presence in the room; it was amazing. And really, Baptism is so cool - A renewal and cleansing of the Spirit within. Wow.

Ooooh. Since I have prom camwhore photos, I shall intro to some of the wonderful people I've been spending the year with. =D
SarahWooHoo. We totally match as like a Secret Agent Spy and his (or in this case, her) beautiful, sexy, stunning female partner xD. Hahahahaha. I love you loads!

Dearest Lydia, my floormate. Doesn't she look gorgeous? Can you believe the year is ending? We'll no longer be side by side =( Though we might be in the same building so we can still haunt each other x)

The two jokers of my (trinity) life - Andrew and Jono. You guys rock! Andrew, lovable and loads of fun to have around. Jono, awesome friend and man, I know you too well, I'm getting sick of you already - KIDDING *runs* xD. Hahaha.

Taty! Love love love this girl. She is so funky and fun and full of laughs x). We rock the dance floor! Haha. You planned an awesome prom, dear. Let's hang out soon yeh? =D

Our reigning fashion queen, a.k.a Best Dressed Winner, Tiffany Chin. Her dress is the ultimate of elegance, class, and style. Thanks for doing my make-up! =) We were saying how Tiffany would win best dressed and she did! And she totally deserved it, she worked so hard on her look and looked amazing =D. Love you loads.

The 'annoying older brother I so do not need', Henry - but heyy I still tolerate you because I know you need my awesomeness in your life xD. Just kidding. Wahahahahhaha *runs* You're awesome, dude! We spent quite a bit of prom night suan-ing each other, then boosting each other's ego - "We cool people, ya'all" xD