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Monday, November 03, 2008 8:44 PM

I discovered a problem with my accomodation for next year, and it really worried me. On the way to dance, I began to speak in tongues and pray, and then I started talking to God. He assured me everything will be ok, for the bible promises many times, "Ask and you shall receive"

At one point, I chuckled and asked God, "Why is it I only go to you when I'm desperate and needing something?"

And God answered, "I want you to be desperate for me. I want you to want what I have waiting for you; I want you to want to claim that inheritance I have for you in My Kingdom"

I was pretty wowed by his reply. He has an abundance of blessings for me, and is waiting for me to follow His lead to claim it in the harvest. This goes for everyone - Like Pastor Russell said, God is like Boaz in the book of Ruth, He has plenty of 'riches' (blessings) to offer us (Ruth); what we have to do is position ourselves to receive it.

And I know that there is something better than me, that he has a great inheritance for me that perhaps I have yet to claim. I will keep praying and I will base my current fasting on that. Interesting how God told me one day to fast milo; I suppose it's for this accomodation problem I have. To God be the glory; no matter what I will still praise Him =D.

Oooh here's part 2 of the beautiful people of my trinity year:

Foo Han Yi. Aren't you glad we bought you that dress? It totally fits you and you look super HOT. xD. You're an awesome bubbly girl - Love you!

CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yuen. xD. Haha. Ok I better start running now. Heee. To think we're pretty close, it'll be super sad when you head back next year. You rock, dude! Me and you are coffee buddies x)

Zomg. Dear Chen Yi - stop insulting my height or I won't teach you physics >.<. No lah joking lah. Heh heh. Loads of fun and awesome to chat with. Go commerce next year with meeee x) Joy joy joy joy down in my heart.... Lol. Kidding x) The housemate with the sexy legs. I envy your legs ok? Haha. You're awesome, girl! Thanks for being such a cool housemate these past few months =) Love love.

Abigail! You looked so cute in your dress that night. Haha! Don't panic about physics so much, dear, you'll do awesome. We are the powerful girls who do physics - The only 2 out of the whole palmy x). Rock on!