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Sunday, November 16, 2008 11:08 PM

My palmies are awesome. Love them so much.

So they gave me a early birthday celebration and kept to my request to not have a chocolate birthday cake or a cake from Brunetti's. Seriously, every single cake we have had this year was from Brunetti's - Time for change! xD. Also, I'm a bit bored with chocolate, I wanted a cake that was different like an orange cake or carrot cake.

But man, Tiff hit the jackpot - Sticky Date Cake from Browns Bakery! Zomg, it was super delicious. The dates were really yum to munch on.

After that, the girls and I headed back to Block 5 and began chatting in the dining hall. So just when I thought I had spared from treachery and tau-poks, Joy threw down a blindfold from upstairs, and Tiff looked at me with a cunning smile and said, "You didn't think we'd let you off just like that did you?"

Lol. I should've known better xD.

So after blindfolding me, the girls took me on a short walk around the Palmerston Street area, attempting to confuse my orientation by spinning me around in all sorts of directions (I admit, they were successful in doing so. I was super dizzy after a while). Of course, being the awesome block 5 girls they are, they kept saying I was going to be walking all the way to Crown. DOTS! xD. Well we pulled something like that on Joy before, where we blindfolded her at the Yarra River and took her into Crown.

The next thing I know I feel a huge volume of cold water poured over my head and soaking me through, so I freeze and drop my arms. Then I hear Dandan saying "No, here take this" and lifting my hands to place something chunky and heavy in it. Then someone ripped off my blindfold off and I see broad day light, a small corner playground and my palmies holding small water guns running around me. Zomg! How awesome is that?


Hahahahhaha. They gave me this HUGE water gun to use which was really cool because it was long range and of course it had a great capacity. Heee heee heee. So we must've spent over a half hour chasing each other and spraying each other with water - by the end of it, everyone was soaked through.

So I suppose my present was the water gun fight and the BIG water gun. Hahahaha. Oh oh, Tiff gave me a BIG jar of peanut butter that was nicely decorated =D. Thanks Tiff! <3

Gosh I love my palmies. Thanks so much for such an awesome early birthday surprise!

*photos to be uploaded soon*