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Friday, November 21, 2008 11:22 PM

Just to share some of the interesting birthday messages I received from people xD:


Chee Yuen Chen wrote at 12:04am:
HAAAPPPYYYY BIIIIIRRRRRTTTTTHHHHHHday... spending the last hour of your birthday sleeping :D
haha u are finally 17 liao... and ima younger than u le >.<* yeahh saw u got alot of bdae pressies le... but mus not 4get the one that u gave yourself... 100/100 for maths XD not only that, your gonna POON lit in a few hours... and then POON HOI, Psych, Physics... erm... thas all... aight... you be birthday happy Val

Daniel Zhang
wrote at 11:10pm
Happy B'day!!!!! I can see that you're on your way to greatness but take time out to have some me-time and do some bdae fun. life is full of uphill climbs but never give up, always smell the roses and never be too old to be childish. that's my two cents worth. haha...again, HAPPY B'DAY!

Suet Yen
wrote at 11:00pm
HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY babe! one more year to being legal! eh, and no more stupid under18 forms to fill in, heh heh. hope you had an awesome bday, despite the absolutely disgusting math paper, though i'm sure it was ridiculously easy-peasy for you. haha ignore my excessive use of adjectives. psyching myself for lit tmr. haha all the best! (: hugs.


Val! Happy 17th birthday! Join the club yo x)

Dave Law:
Hey nerd! Happy birthday!! Hope you're having a blast today at frank tate with the crime scene and stuff. Hehe..
(and after I replied to be amazed that I was out having lunch with friends)
Amazed I am indeed! How do u resist the books?? Hehe. Well have an amazing rest of the day. Will catcha real soon.

Lydia Soh:

Hey alarm clock! i was so caught up with math that I forgot t text you on time (:. so happy birthday! have an awesome day, and good luck for the rest of your papers!

Hey val! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! =) I'm so proud of you, you've grown so much and its really amazing how much more confident you've become. Have an awesome day! I LOVE YOU <33 bless ="">

Sarah Woo:
Morning bday girl! =D although there's maths today and the sky looks gloomy, im still very sure that today is gonna be an awesome day. =) See you later love xD

Stacey Cheong:

Hey val! Happy birthday! Thanks for being a wonderful and awesome friend xD love you girl! Poon exams and get 100 for maths!

Kor kor Jon:
Happy Birthday Val! May God bless you for your exams and bless you till overflowing. Love you and miss you loads!

Ben Yap:

Val, i don't know if you're asleep, wanted to call you to wish you a Blessed Birthday! I'll sing you a song when I see you! All the best in your exams, I pray the coming year will be filled with more joy. Continue to shine for Jesus! =)

I feel so loved. You know I said that I bet God will give me an awesome birthday despite the fact that it was in the midst of exams.

He did. God is faithful. Love you, Daddy God. <3