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Saturday, November 29, 2008 8:19 AM

I had such a good day yesterday.

Like nothing exciting or out-of-this-world happened, but I felt like yesterday was such a good day and I was in such a good mood. God totally took away my burden of crankiness, and my spirit had really committed to not feeling sucky in the morning. How awesome is that? I was literally bouncing and smiling while on my way to meet Yan for catch up.

Last night was Lionel's farewell dinner at Ying Thai. Man, we're all going to miss him so much. Otsuka!! Catch up in Singapore xD. But I guess, like Scott said, it's not the circumstances that forces him to go back, it's God calling him back to the sunny island. Heee.

One more week till I head home to Singapore! And a couple of more days till my final exam -_-''. Boooo. Never mind, by God's grace, I will get through this final period!

Oh oh oh, I didn't mention in my Meme, another thing I wish would happen is an entire wardrobe consisting of mainly hip hop street wear, with a few exceptions of formal wear - AND that most, if not every, outfit I put on, I can dance in. How cool would that be?? If you think back to the movie Step Up, almost every outfit Nora had on, she could dance in. Of course, her style was more feminine-girly-jazz-ballet style, which is still cool by me.

Something like that. Just put on a skirt or jeans and you're good to go! =D

Love Briana Evigan's outfit in Step Up 2, though I don't have the flat stomach to pull it off >.< LOL.