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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 10:50 AM

Monday night I met up with the gang at Pammie's parents' spare apartment for dinner.

Sadly, people had either taken off on overseas trips or were unable to make it due to prior commitments - So there was me, stace, pammie, andrew, neil and liak.

It was so good to see them again, seriously. I missed everyone so much. Dinner was funny, and pretty crazy and almost unsuccessful, but nevertheless good and filling. Thanks pammie! =D

I get what pammie says about the distant feeling in the air; I think over the years we tend to hold gatherings where we spending time doing things rather than catching up and talking to each other. I suppose living different lives makes things more difficult because we don't have as much in common anymore. Though when I caught up with Sue for dinner before her birthday, we agreed on something - Maybe it was better that we lived different lives in different worlds around different people. Think about this; then we wouldn't get involved in each other's drama where we may just end up fighting and breaking hearts and friendships.

In this way, we always have someone we can still call best friends out of the drama of our normal lives, who we can confide in and talk to. I admit that I am guilty of not talking and revealing all things in the world to my dear WISHES; but I really want to start. It's never too late to start something =)

I just watched Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 on the plane ride back to Singapore and what I saw in the film really spoke truth. The four girls all began to live different lives that didn't involve each other. When they didn't communicate or tell each one things, there was miscommunications and they fell apart

I know it can be troublesome, and I don't deny that I myself don't bother to make an effort sometimes - but it wouldn't hurt to start talking. Give one of us a call a month or so and just update. Yeahhh...

So to Stacey, Cui, Pammie, Nikki and Sue: I'm just going to say it here loud and clear that - no matter how distant it may seem between us, how little we tend to communicate and tell each other things, how few times we actually get to see each other - To me, you girls are still my best friends. And I love you girls loads.

From my Christian view, God has blessed me. I know that.