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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, December 29, 2008 10:13 PM

I just sat and watched "Nancy Drew" starring Emma Roberts. Random note.

I realised how difficult it is to choreograph a dance, make it look good, perfect it with the music and be satisfied with it. I also realise how easy it is to freestyle something fantastic, and how difficult it is to remember what exactly we did.

I reckon Meiting would agree with me on that last statement xD.

God told me just now to not rush it. To take it slow and just listen first. Listen to Him, receive His anointing and it will come. It will come together and happen.

Last friday I met up with WISHES (minus dear Sue) to celebrate Nikki's birthday. First up, we accompanied Pammie to support her friend at his band's J-rock performance at Esplanade. I must say, pretty cool. The singer had a typical japanese boyband voice, but he sang really well.

Then of course, dear Pammie could not resist being the best friend - Halfway through the performance, the singer made a birthday dedication to, and I quote, "Nicolle. Spelt with a double L, 17 years old". Hahah. Love pammie man - good job! Love nikki too; she was really taken by surprise. =D

Stacey, cui, nikki, pammie and I then headed down to Marina Square and sat down at Kenny Rogers' for dinner. It was really awesome to spend time with the girls again; I miss that. We chatted a lot about random things here and there and just caught up.

Hopefully we'll get our sleepover; once we locate one of our WISHES who is currently M.I.A xD Hahah.

Oh, and public announcement: Movies are officially banned from our sleepovers from now on unless we've done everything else possible in one night and need something to help us doze off. LOL.