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Wednesday, January 07, 2009 2:12 AM

Tonight I tried my first lyrical jazz class.

I said a silent prayer to God to be with me in the class. I have never done lyrical jazz before and I was worried about the technique and the steps and the speed of the teaching and all that stuff.

But somehow, the class went well. Though I did not execute the choreography perfectly, I could pick up the steps quickly and do them at a pretty good level for a first-timer. The teacher even said I should've tried the Intermediate level; she'd reckoned I probably could handle it. Haha. God was with me. =)

Interestingly enough, the song used for today's class was a Contemporary Christian song, titled 'I will be here' by Steven Curtis Chapman. How cool is that?

Now I know that God has a plan for me to take what I learn here, to broaden the horizons of my talent, that I may serve Him in my ministry with it.