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Tuesday, January 20, 2009 1:31 PM

I had such an enjoyable day yesterday. It may not have been as awesome had I kept pondering over a matter that is troubling my heart.

At first I kept asking God if I should step in and do something, and I kept pressing to ask how I should approach. Somehow God always kept agreeing with what I said, that when I told Him I feel I should do this at this time, He never objected.

Then I suddenly remembered John Bevere's Drawing Near - quite recently, there was a chapter that spoke of how sometimes we try to fit God's commandments into the perimeters of our desires and our knowledge; in doing so, we actually disobey Him. Though we have certain qualities fit for certain matters, sometimes we are just not called to do the actions we think we are most fit to do.

And so I told God that I will let it go and leave it to Him. My morning devotional's message yesterday was, "Don't Chase Blessings".

Whoa. Ok. How awesome is that? Just when I'm pushing for a blessing over this problem, God comes and shows me that I should not ponder over the problem, but instead focus on Him. If I believe and trust in the Father who saved me, I will leave Him to guide me.

So I let the problem go, and seriously I felt less burdened and not at all troubled anymore. I don't deny that my thoughts sometimes jump back to the issue, particularly because it has not been resolved, but I feel more secure knowing that God will do something. =)

And in other news: Ms WooHoo (Sarah woo) is down in Singapore, dead asleep on my sister's bed as I type this. Hahahahahha. Yesterday we went out to eat Island Creamery; I wanted her to try something real different. She ordered Chendol and Teh Tarik ice-cream. I had yoghurt and pineapple tart - YES PEOPLE, THERE IS A PINEAPPLE TART ICE CREAM AND IT IS YUMMM. xD

After that we headed down to Plaza Singapore to walk around and just explore. We mainly went into little knick-knack gift stores to look at all the cute and funky stuff there. Then we went to Mos Burger where dear Sarah tried her first Rice Burger! Hahahahah. xD