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Saturday, January 24, 2009 11:11 AM

Wow. This didn't turn out as bad as I thought it went. Managed to nail the choreography. Though I didn't really hit the accents hard enough at the last bit. Spot me? Hahaha. Make things easier, you can only see me in the selected group; in the 'group 2' clip, I'm blocked by one of the guys. In the 'everybody' clip, I'm cut out of view. Man, I really should stand on the other side of class next time =S

I'm seriously loving lyrical jazz. Wish I had videos to show but my teacher doesn't take videos. Oh well. =X

So yesterday went back to Henry Park Primary School. Zomg, some of you must thinking, "Say what?? PRIMARY school?" Hey, I have awesome memories there; and I wanted to see the huge building and some of my favourite teachers before I return to the land down under.

Met up with weihong there - Man, I haven't seen the guy in a long time. Still as tall and skinny but seriously tanned from all his canoeing. I feel like a ghost standing next to him. Good to see him again though, it was fun catching up. =D

Found Mr. Lim and literally, the two of us trailed him everywhere, talking to him along the way. We followed him back to his P6 classroom. I stared at the kids... some of them are so tiny! I seriously can't remember what it was like to be that small >.< (no wisecracks about my current height, thanks xD)

I almost kicked some of the kids because they started calling me "auntie" -_-. STOOOOOOOPS! They called weihong, "kor kor"! LOL. Haiz. Well there was this one kid that I sorta kicked a bit, like I put my foot at his butt because he was sitting down. He's one of those wild ones who is made to sit in front of the class because he can't keep quiet. Mr Lim's classes somehow always have one of those. Haha!

Chatted with Mrs Mona Leong, Mrs Julia Wan, Ms Eunice Chua and Mrs Esther Ang. So nice to see them all! Hahaha. I miss them man.

Cui came a bit late, just before Mr Lim was about to take off. Pammie and Nikki joined us after, so the five of us headed to Holland V to find lunch and chatted more.

It was fun today. Thanks for the few who went back to HPPS =)

Had contemporary dance at night but due to an unexpected injury earlier, I wasn't able to go all out. But I'm starting to feel the style a bit more, and Susan has been awesome in teaching us some fundamental principles such as using the space or as it is called, "attacking the space". Haha. I guess I can take what I learn from class and just keep practising it in Melbourne.

By the way, new America's Best Dance Crew group Quest is SICK!