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Sunday, February 01, 2009 6:28 PM

Oops. Haven't updated for a while. No monday dance class photos since it was CNY though. Heeeee. I'm so glad I get to spend CNY here, get to see family and friends, eat good food, and just chill for the season.

Quite a few times I really felt so blessed and grateful to God. I think many of us tend to take opportunities as simple as gatherings for granted. Some people never or rarely get the chance to experience such love and camaraderie among close family and friends. I guess since I'm older now and a lot more mature, my people skills are a lot better - made the gatherings more fun. I got to chat with all my mummy and daddy's friends. Hilarious conversations. Hahahahhahaha. But anyway, the point being that in those gatherings, it felt so good to be part of such a close gathering. Times like these should be treasured. You don't need to have a once-in-a-life-time if-I-don't-do-this-now-i'll-never-do-it incident for it to be an awesome memory. Even ones that you get to do every year, they form really special memories =D

That's how faithful God is. And that's a way of how He shows His great love for us, but channeling it through other people and even through us towards others. And if the love you feel from another person is already so amazing, can you imagine how much great God's real love is?

And of course I'm grateful to God for wonderful Godparents who love me so much. I miss them loads in Melbourne =)

Went to Sentosa last friday with some of the UL peeps. Man I seriously haven't been to the beach for a long time. It was pretty fun; soaking up the sun and swimming in the salty sea. And I got a slight tan! Not too dark, but enough to mark out a swimsuit tan line on my body. Heeeee.

So most of the early afternoon was spent in the water. We swam and chatted and played catching and fighting and all that. It was fun. Somehow I ended up being the only one wearing full swimsuit; all the other girls wore shorts and/or shirts to cover up -_-''. LOL. Thank goodness for one-piece suits though; otherwise I would've just jumped in with my shorts and my clean shirt on >.< Hahahahahahhaha.

Ooh I went for my first make-up lesson today, had it at M.A.C in Raffles City. Azwin was my teacher and she's really nice, it's quite easy to talk to her like buddies. Check it out:

So the eyeliner on the top lid was supposed to be thinner. Azwin helped me to my right eye to demonstrate. However, when I tried my left eye, I drew the line too high. And of course it was followed by a "Uh-oh" from Azwin. Ah well, she helped me touch up by simply making it thicker for both eyes. Heh heh my bad. It came out looking nice! =D

I doubt you'll see me wearing this much eye make-up in Melbourne on a normal day though, at the most I'll do the thin eye-liner... well ok I might have to do it thick if I screw up the line again x) Hahahaha.