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Tuesday, February 10, 2009 10:38 PM

It's really hard to spot me here. I'm in the first group, towards the left, wearing a white/black cap, black shirt and army berms. Heeee.

Now the sad thing is that while I love this routine and think it's pretty awesome, I messed it up pretty bad. You can probably spot me here. I only had one good shot, and my arms weren't strong =X Boooo. Need to train up!

Well here I sit in the dining room of my house for the last time for the next couple of months. I'm flying off to Melbourne tonight! Haha. And my younger brother's coming downunder with me to attend Trinity College! Yay! Siblings rule! I'll miss my older brother and younger brother.

I realise that God has been really faithful to me this holidays. I asked Him to never stop teaching me and revealing things to me while I was back in Singapore. I did not want to take it all for granted. And these past two months, there have been very small yet significant things He has taught me and pointed out to me through experiences and my devotionals. It's been interesting, learning and walking with God back in Singapore. I talk to Him more often than I used to back here. =)

I thank God for a number of things that happened this holiday:
1) For dearest Vanessa who has recovered so much. A miracle really. God's been working in her life.

2) My ex-palmy housemates for inviting me to so many outings though sadly I could barely make any of them.

3) The time spent with my family - where God has taught me how important family is.

4) My best friends who hung out with me and spend time with me. We had fun with that video! xD - God has blessed me with a great group of friends, and I love them and treasure them so much.

5) Dance - where God showed me that I'm not incapable of going for more. Where He danced with me and stretched me beyond my boundaries. He fuelled me with the passion that gave me the strength to push myself further.

6) Moments - where I felt blessed to simply sit in a room full of people and enjoy the love, fellowship, and camaderie. God is good.

7) Choreography - where God showed me the amazing anointing and favour over a youth, that I had unfortunately walked away from years ago. But before I came back, he took away all my hard feelings.

8) The few friends I met one-to-one like Vanessa Quek and Sharon. They who share and listen to me. They do not realise how much they enrich my life =D

9) The sad and angry moments - where God taught me to lean on Him, using my mummy as His voice to tell me what I need to hear.

10) For new friendships and acquaintances made. God gave me the courage to converse and get to know people better. Thanks Keshia and Shona for those few fun times we had =)

11) For reminding me of a mission I have, to fulfil one of His purposes for my life through a series of events. x)

12) For a great teacher, Winni Ng, who has been so awesome and caring =D

13) For very awesome and helpful dance teachers, Xue Hui, Dapheny and Susan, thanks for the great and fun classes this past month. I'll be back for more in july! xD

14) For this holiday, a season where I got to rest and just enjoy the life He has given me =D

Well I can't think of more. But that's already quite a lot. HAHAHAHA. How much more God can and will do in Melbourne. This will be interesting.