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Sunday, March 01, 2009 9:58 AM

As promised to my dear friends back home in Singapore whom I miss dearly, here's a sneak peek at my new apartment:

The bed looks big because it's actually two singles put together. I managed to get a bigger room when I arrived in Melbourne. I like the colour scheme of my quilt... For some strange reason, it matches my wardrobe xD

Looks really lived in already yeah? I like collecting postcards, and since I don't really go around mailing them, I decorated my wall.

The 'door' between my bedroom and living area.

The dining area and the kitchen area are more or less the same. At least I get TV. Now to find a decent DVD player =X

My bed and side table. This looks different from the first picture because I used flash here. You can also see more of the stuff I put on the walls. I need more posters ^.^''