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Sunday, March 08, 2009 8:51 AM

Now this is a really really good show.

But you have to have a history of comic book superheroes to enjoy it fully. To quote Sarah, 'Wasted three hours of my life!!!!' xD

As crude and overbearing some of the visuals were, the cinematography was pretty well done. I like the characters, and the actors really put all in the roles. Of course, I can't say too much about that because I only briefly flipped through the actual comic book once. They kept to most of the story, only altering the end, but I'm guessing it was for time's sake.

And my goodness, the make-up and costume design is FANTASTIC. I just went to google movie premiere photos and did not recognise ANY of the cast members (as in which ones played which characters) apart from Jeffery Dean Morgan. Whoaaa...

UrbanLife this week was off the dial. Sarah and I went for coffee together last monday afternoon after I was done with class. So we had a short catch-up, just talking about random things. Then I asked her, "What do you expect for this year?"

Amazingly enough, that is what Weiying talked about during UrbanLife - 'Expectations'. And Lin spoke over my life which sent me straight into tears.

'Rise up, woman of God'.

Dear Lord, I really want to dance for you. Not for myself and my enjoyment but for you.

And without a doubt, we were all high after that. The trip back to College Square was probably one of the most hilarious ones I have ever had so far, with me, carmen, sarah, rosemary, joseph and later Daniel in the group =)

Last night, the big group of us went to watch the Moomba fireworks along the Yarra River. The fireworks display was really beautiful, so much better than back home. I think what made it better was being there with friends and all. I love it when we get together as a big UrbanLife; somehow the hype is just 10 times more. x)

Oh and I tried my new eyeliner from Mac. Difference being that instead of a pencil, it's like a felt-tip pen, and it works really well. Easier to draw the line now x)