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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 4:42 PM

Oh mans I haven't blogged in a long time. Hmmm.

Well I feel really happy lately. Like joyful and cheerful kinda happy.

I did suffer a little stress trauma last week - Thanks to Daddy God, Mummy and Daddy, Weiying and Jon Tan for talking to me and helping me clear my thoughts and stress and all. Yeah, only a number of people know about what happened, but don't worry - I've recovered and I feel great lately. God is faithful. I've cleared up those stresses in the past two days at Uni - And I really feel that much happier on a daily basis. Knowing that God takes care of everything, I just have to obey =)

Saturday was such a busy day! I had to get up early that morning to make my way to Collingwood for SOCA (School of Creative Arts). I really love SOCA. We learnt some new choreography and I could really feel the level of honest worship under the choreography - It felt so.... 'wow' when I danced it. I did ache a bit the next day, but not too bad. And Brodie is the best! He drives me back to the city after each class - If you read my blog, THANK YOU!

After that met up with Jon Tan in Borders at Melbourne Central, to wait for Doreen to arrive from Clayton. I miss Doreen so much; Monash has kidnapped her and taken her away from the city >.< Ah well, I get to see her in church every now and then. Heh heh. We went to eat at pancake parlour and had an awesome catch-up together.

I wonder if you read my blog, Doreen, but I can tell you that God is going to move in an amazing way in your life... You already saw and heard from Him. That's not just it. There's more. You have grown and shaped so much last year, but it doesn't end there - I'm sure you know that too yeah =)

Jon Tan and I then headed to Regency Towers for Tiff, Joy and Andrew's housewarming! So exiciting. Their place is awesome! It's a little small, but it has really good facilities and furnishings and really good bathroom and bedroom sizes x) It was nice catching up with them and the other palmys who had stopped by to hang out.

Rushed over to Hannah's place after that - I was nearly dying by then. What a long day! Oh oh, Hannah and HuiHui's place is just as awesome! A lot more simpler but very homely and neat. I only stayed for half an hour though, because most of the planetshakers peeps were all heading back, and I was really too tired by then. Haiz.

Had lunch with my dear-annoying-older-brother-who-I-so-do-not-need-but-I-know-he-needs-my-awesomeness-in-his-life, Henry Yap. LOL. It was really fun catching up with him and chatting about everything and anything. Hey dude, just know that I'm praying for you; for happiness, success, and maybe finding the answer to questions you may have. ^.^