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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, March 30, 2009 8:25 AM

Dear Kor,

You and I have a lot of catching up to do. I can't wait to see you again.


Recently, God has been showing me how to love His people. Last Sunday, I asked Him - 'Please break my heart for what breaks yours', in particular reference to one person who I hope to see saved.

And really, He has.

I realise how I feel more compassion, more emotionally sensitive to my surroundings. I feel this longing to really serve God by touching the hearts of others. By being a blessing to them, even if it's something simple like a smile to brighten their day.

God has an interesting way of explaining things to us. x)

He told me this morning to just let go. Let go of it all.

And in the daily bread this morning, it read 'Resolve':

Resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother’s way.
—Romans 14:13

And the daily bread read that we should learn to love others no matter what, not judge them.

I nearly broke down and cried. But I feel like I've been cut loose from it. And all I need to do is make sure that I don't walk backwards, but keep going forward.

Conference is barely 2 weeks away! I'm so excited. I can't wait to encounter God in such a great meeting and atmosphere. I can't wait to be able to serve my ministry at a level higher than I have ever done. Wow.