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Thursday, April 02, 2009 8:25 PM

I cannot believe I have betrayed myself and have ended up doing my normal school work and assignments.... in Frank Tate.

LOL. Ok forgive me for the over-dramatizing.

It's just that I studied for my exams in Frank Tate, so I didn't want to be doing my normal university work there.... It would just be.... sad.

Truth be told, it is really conducive, and UniWireless is awesome because it's SO FAST. My internet at home is all right, just that at night when everyone is at home and being nocturnal, it gradually becomes (annoyingly) slow.

And in other news, I have only one more assignment due! Yay! xD

And I had a good week. Thank you Daddy God. =) Every week seems to be good.

I finally caught up with Debs today. Man, I didn't realise how much I miss chatting with her about everything and anything. It was really awesome to just get on track with each other's lives again, sharing how we've grown and how life has changed for us so far, new and old experiences, some problems etc. Yeahh, you get the idea. It was a really good catch up =D

I have to say, my creative writing tute is awesome. Not too say my classmates and I are the best of friends, but the discussions are always so interesting and engaging. Some of the poetry my mates have written is fantastic, and is such a good read. I'm glad I took the subject, helps to chill a bit from all the concept-intensive commerce work.