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but those who hope in the LORD
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they will run and not grow weary,
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Saturday, April 11, 2009 10:01 PM

I am actually quite interested in checking out this drama once it's released. It's a Korean drama called 'Cinderella Man'. There's a lot of hype and media coverage going about it; but so far from the trailers/teasers/news/press conferences, it looks like it's going to be pretty good.

And why not? I've only ever watched American and Singapore-Chinese dramas in my life. Would be a nice change. Haha.

Despite the fact that my sexy voice was slowly dying on me (yes I have a clogged-up sore throat), Daddy God gave me a good day. A fun day, in fact. =)

Spent most of the day with the planetUNI dancers - We held our first auditions for the year today. It went pretty well- Good job to all who auditioned! You girls did great! We were really pleased.

After auditions, PJ, Eddie, Hannah, SuLin and I went for lunch together and to hang out for a bit. I love dance fellowships; I feel thankful to God to be part of such a great team, and to think how we all click so well when we're together, as if we've been friends for life. It's awesome.

Oh, and uh, I have spread around a bit of a KPOP bug. My bad =X

Gee gee gee gee, baby baby baby...

Sorry sorry sorry sorry.... Shawty shawty shawty shawty....

Was supposed to go for a sleepover at Carmen's place, but I'm kinda in need of rest so yeahh. Don't exactly want to spread my germs to the others as well, especially with conference coming. I didn't go for dinner either because i have been eating stuff that are not bad for my throat, but not say they are good for my throat either. So I made eggy-porridge; I can't consume plain porridge, it's the most boring and 'bleaghz' thing to eat when you're sick.

PLANETSHAKERS CONFERENCE 2009 is the day after tomorrow! How awesome and exciting yeah! Come expecting guys.

I know I definitely will =) I can't wait.