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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 9:17 AM

Yesterday I had a long catch-up with Sarah. We talked about many things, both light-hearted and a bit more serious, good and bad, everything that was exciting us and frustrating us.

And I guess the main idea was where we "draw the line" in things. This kind of relates to my previous post on exclusivity. I talked to Sarah about it and she gave me another whole viewpoint on it. She is right in a way. Maybe I just need the revelation, that is going to help me detach myself from the petty feelings that follow. I don't want to be popular or favoured; I don't want pride; I just want the love of my Father, my family and my friends. And I want to love them the way God wants me to and how I ought to.

We also talked about how the enemy tries to attack us more and more as we grow in the Spirit. How annoying is that? Even this morning, he started to bombard with all these anxious thoughts. I'm just like, "Shut up, enemy,"

When I think back to how I used to be, I somehow used to think I was the cause of a lot of things. Like I overthought situations, and I used to think that someone who sounded annoyed was annoyed because I said or did something wrong. I know now that I am not that way, as long as I don't entertain those thoughts. Once I even entertain them a bit, I submit to them, and I will follow through and cause my own downfall.

There's so much more to learn in this world, and I am thankful to God for each new day I get to live. Because it means I have another day to enjoy walking in His love and growing to prepare for the days where someone will need a touch from God.