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but those who hope in the LORD
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Wednesday, July 01, 2009 11:21 PM
Should I video my dance jams and upload them?

I feel really accomplished today. Even though it was one of my "at home" days. Haha.

I followed Mummy to the hairdresser this morning to do my scalp treatment as usual. Michelle taught me how to wax my hair properly. Yes, truth be told, I do not know how to wax my hair. I bought this hair mud thing from Hairhouse Warehouse and I've been trying to work the do, but it hasn't been very successful. Now I know. yay! I actually looked pretty cool after the whole, even if I do say so myself.

Then I came home and did more reading - I have officially finished all my Diary of a Teenage Girl books; at least the ones I have so far. I feel a bit sad though, that I do not have any more in the series to read for now. Though the plots involved major events and incidents that we usually do not go through in normal life, it also covers a huge range of issues that teenage girls do indeed go through - both in terms of struggling with faith and with just life and other stuff. I feel God sort of speaking to me in the books sometimes, and even pointing out things I can do.

And the books have made me sort of wish that I could keep a diary like that. In such great detail of the past memories and incidents and thoughts and emotions I experienced. Lately, I've been having thoughts that are like a commentary to my day-to-day activities and thoughts; when I think back on them, they sound so interesting to me and I comment on that in my thoughts again. It kind of goes like a continuous cycle. If I were to read back on those one day, I bet i'll be really amused and tickled. Haha.

I'm thinking now that I'm quite glad to have this blog then. To keep track of my thoughts and what God has done for me in life.

By the way, the first bit of Revealation has occured. x) That's all I'm saying.

I also played the piano for half an hour! I'm really rusty, but my side-reading was pretty good, considering I haven't played for more than a year already. I decided to focus on playing a few old favourites of mine, and to just keep practising those. ^^

In the evening before dinner, I went out to the front of the house and decided to jam a while. Basically I just blasted music and did whatever. I spent some time going through the choreography I've been wanting to learn, and then practising. Though I can admit it's still far from perfect. I always have the moves, but I seem to rush them and forget about the style. Need to work on that.

Aida cooked satay bee hoon for dinner tonight. It was so yum! I don't remember ever eating it before, and it was really good. =D

Yes, it's these random moments in life that we need to learn to appreciate sometimes. They're totally God-given =)

12:48 PM
And the list goes on...

Ok, so I have a tendency to do make these "holiday plans list" that I never seem to accomplish. Well, I actually hope to be able to complete most of these tasks i'm about to put down in this list. A lot are actually quite achievable. I just need to make sure I do not vegetate and actually do them. Hee hee.

1. Finish reading the following books -
Diary of A Teenage Girl Series by Melody Carlson:
Just Ask
Meant to Be
Falling Up
That was Then
A Not-So-Simple Life
It's a Green Thing

Drawing Near
Honour's Reward
by John Bevere (yes I admit I have yet to finish these books but I do intend to)
Wide Awake by Erwin McManus
Slumdog Millionaire by Vikas Swarup
Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates
Beloved by Toni Morrison
The Class by Francois Begaudeau
Easy & Not-So-Easy Pieces by Richard P Feynman
55 Successful Harvard Law School Application Essays analysed by the staff of The Harvard Crimson

2. DANCE. I'm super deprived due to exams and the fact I fell sick a while back:
- Get some studio time somewhere where I can train up and maybe choreograph
- Attend OSchool Hip Hop Int & maybe La Hip Hop Int (if I don't chicken out first), and Moving Arts Lyrical Jazz & Contempt
- Learn the following dances:
Eat You Up
Look who's talking
by BoA
... maybe more if I can find some choreography I don't mind learning off youtube xD
- Practise my jazz techniques, get my freeze right, work on arm strength, stretch A LOT.
- "Revealation". Most important at the moment.

3. Meet up with friends and family - That's a given. x)

4. Practise the piano, revise a few old pieces.

5. Cook and learn some recipes while I'm here.

6. Chinese - Do some reading and maybe practise my listening and speaking. It's totally gone down the drain.

7. Movies - Totally need to take advantage of the waaaaaaay cheaper tickets here, most of the movies listed here at "Coming Soon" in Singapore, but oh well, hopefully they come sooner:
- Marley & Me (dvd)
- Fireproof (dvd)
- The Taking of Pelham 123
- Public Enemies
- Sunshine Cleaning
- G-Force