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Thursday, July 23, 2009 2:17 PM
Where the Soy Chai is yummy and the weather just can't stop fluctuating

I'm back in Melbourne. Feelings are a little mixed, like I somewhat wish that I could have stayed in Singapore longer, yet I also feel like I've been gone for quite a while and it does feel good to be back.

This past three weeks for me have just been a time of relaxation and refreshment for me. I didn't do much, I spent most of my time out with my family, and I only met up with a few people. Somehow I feel that's what God wanted my holiday to be; He kept on speaking to me in various instances and I felt like I learned a bit more as well as 'revised' many things that He once told me before.

One of the best things that happened was of course the catch ups with all the best and closest friends of mine. I loved all the chats, whether they be Godly or just a casual catch-up conversion that totally revolved around the idea of "Anything goes".

On another note, I saw Vanessa Ong twice. My goodness, God has really done something in her life. Miracle healing. She looked really well, and she looked much happier. I'm glad.

Goodbyes are always the worst. Even now I'm still irked by it, but I guess I have to leave the whole matter in God's hands; where God will take her, I can trust in Him that all will be well. I will miss her. I thank You for placing her in my life.

By the way, go watch Sunshine Cleaning. Emily Blunt is awesome. Alan Arkin is funny. The movie may not be top-notch, but it was pretty darn good; interesting storyline, not cliche, a slight darkness and deep-meaning feel to it, and no loopholes.

Last night, Tricia and I went to Jon Chiong's place to give Ben Yap his birthday "surprise"; well it wasn't really a surprise because he sort of knew we were going to be there. Oh wells, it was really fun and it was felt so good to see so many familiar faces again. =D

I finished the choreography for the chorus of "Transformers", I probably want to add on more such that the dance goes in the order: Chorus, Verse, Chorus.

As for 'Revealation', while there is no solid choreography intact, I do have something that I have tried out and seems to work, but I want to get into the studio and work on it properly in front of mirrors. I can't wait to finish both! =D

Oh, and studio bookings in Melbourne are waaaaaaaaay cheaper than in Singapore ^^''