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-Isaiah 40:31

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Saturday, September 19, 2009 10:17 PM
Thank You.

I realize that I do not thank God enough for things that we humans considered "normal"; and the culprit behind the lack of gratitude is what is called "familiarity".

I want to thank God for family.

I want to thank God that I handed in my assignment.

I want to thank God for sunny days and days of rest.

I want to thank God for yummy food and healthy meals.

I want to thank God that I get to see my family in a few months time.

I want to thank God for re-connecting me with certain old friends of mine.

I want to thank God that Sarah, Weiying and I managed to get a seat in Lindt Cafe without having to wait so long.

I want to thank God that I managed to find canned chilli bamboo shoots & pork in the asian grocer here.

Haha. Random thoughts of the day. I have not done any work these past 2 days; though I do plan to start tomorrow.

I attended Cheryl's 21st birthday party last night. Happy Birthday again, Cheryl! Love ya heaps. Cheryl and Cynthia's house is so nice; it was a real western-interior, wide-spaced, pleasant place. Like out of an IKEA magazine. I was in awe when I walked in.

Oh, and I wore my platform shoes out for the first time, and did not fall. Applause please. xD Haha.

Anyways, Cheryl's party was really fun. From the boyband videos and photoshoots to the photo reel to the wonderful and touching speeches - now that I am going to tell you exactly what happened, just some hints - it was just so awesome to get to celebrate the birthday of a dear friend, older sister-in-Christ and dancer.

And of course, it then occurs to me that I am FINALLY turning 18 in 2 months time. ZOMG. 0.0