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Friday, September 25, 2009 1:49 PM
And on the road, we play happy 1990's music

So Ben Yap and James Cheng decided to spring a surprise on Hannah and HuiHui on thursday.

At approximately 10.30pm the night before, I accepted an invite (with permission from my dear mummy and daddy) to go on a road trip with them to Mornington.

And apparently, I was a surprise present for Hannah and HuiHui. Haha!

Ben Yap told me to wait at a particular junction and act like a random person on the street. He said they were going to make a bet with the girls that they would be able to get someone random on the street to get into the car with them and drive off, or something. Lol.

Hannah actually fell for it for a whole 10 seconds. Haha! Huihui totally expected it though.

I found it interesting that my first road trip was with a totally different group of friends. It was a really awesome experience, getting out of the city, smelling real fresh air, and spending time with friends.

And God was with us all the way! No matter where we went, the sun seemed to follow us. Like it would start to rain, but wherever we were there was always some form of shelter. And very shortly after the rain starts, it would stop, and not come back for quite a while. How awesome is that? =D

We basically had three things on the itinerary: Hedge Maze, Beach boardwalk, and Hot Springs.

The Hedge maze was so much fun. And really, those mazes are pretty difficult to get out of. Half the fun was scaring Hannah. Ben Yap would keep still at a T-junction, and jump out at Hannah. Although after the third time, Hannah was totally on to him already. Haha.

The place was really beautiful. We even found a herb garden where there were hybrids; eg. Chocolate Mint. No joke, it actually smelled like chocolate mint, not just mint.

Sadly, we did not manage to explore the entire garden, but we did cover most of it. Oh, and there was this challenge we did where we had to find as many gnomes and fairies in the gardens as possible. That was pretty fun; we found most of them, and managed to solve the fairy puzzle at the end of the game anyways.

After eating the yummy risotto lunch Hannah and HuiHui had made, we headed off to the lighthouse. The boardwalk was so cool! From the carpark, it was quite a long walk up to the cliff, with viewpoints along the way. At the top of one of the cliffs, there was this boardwalk staircase that went all the way from the top of the cliff down to the shoreline! It was a pretty long walk, but it was such a nice one! We could go up real close to the waves and hear them roar. There was a lot of pebbles down at the shore, and hence when the waves rushed up and down the shore, it made this wonderful 'clackly' kind of sound. It's so hard to describe in words, but it sounded so amazing on the ears.

We then headed to the Hot Springs to relax and chill. Thankfully, nobody complained about me wearing my T-shirt and berms in. I just tied up my shirt so it would be like clingy and gross. The hot springs were so good! We just sat and chatted about random things, and enjoyed the soothing heat. Though some of the pools were pretty hot, and often we had to sit out and juz soak our feet, and splash our bodies once in a while.

I got to chat with Hannah and HuiHui about God-given dreams. I really really really love to hear what God has been doing in the lives of others. It's just so inspiring and it really strengthens my own faith. I want to encourage as many people as I can to really go after their God-dream, no matter how "impossible" it may seem through our human eyes. Because really, and everyone knows this, nothing is impossible from God's view.

After a few hours, we headed for the showers, freshened up, and headed off to find dinner. After dinner, we went to look for Cold Rock. I know that there's an outlet in Singapore, but I never got down to trying it. It's pretty innovative; you select an ice-cream flavour, and then you can ask for "add-ins"; basically, you can add in sweets and treats into your ice cream such as m&m's, fruits, skittles, cookie dough etc.. They will then crush all the sweets and mix it into your ice cream to give you your own original flavour! I had Aussie Vanilla, with strawberries, oreos and peanut m&m's. Couldn't taste the strawberry though, but it was pretty interesting.

Oh, and Hannah treated! Haha. Love you long time, Hannah <3

And HuiHui, you are so awesome! So glad to get to know you better on this trip! =)

And Ben and James, thanks for inviting me and making the trip all the more fun. And of course, you guys amuse me with your friendly competition of iphone bball hoops x)

Oh, and i think i make an awesome road trip DJ. From the past road trip, I have created two new playlists on my IPod - Road Trip: Day and Road Trip: Night. =D

Photos are still with HuiHui and James, but I'll just put up some mobile shots.

Four best friends. It's amazing how far God can take friendships, no? =)

How can you see things like this, and not marvel at how magnificent God is? How fantastic and beautiful His creation is?