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Sunday, October 11, 2009 10:20 AM
A wide circle of friends, we share the love

I really really really enjoyed my holidays. I think when I asked God to give me a really great holiday, He just gave me so much more =)

And the best thing I loved was how I got to hung out with different groups of friends. I don't know, personally, I enjoy the experience of spending time with different people, just because of how different yet awesome each person is.

So just a summarized version of my holiday experience =)

Monday 21 Sept: K-Box with Weiying, Lin, Joanna, Lydia, Yeni, Chen Yi, Roy and WeiXiong.
I have to admit, I actually enjoy Karoake, especially if there are old school 1990's stuff. Brings back the awesome memories. Oh, and one of the most awesome things is watching Weiying and Weixiong tackle Michael Jackon's "Smooth Criminal" x)

Tuesday 22 Sept: Lunch with Hannah. Soda Rock with Sarah Woo, Daren and Sean. Kingdom Purpose night. Carmen's birthday surprise (that we arrived for late).

Wednesday 23 Sept: Marketing Group Meeting (LOL). Dinner with Grace, Carmen, Sharon, Shiyou, Diane and Fel.

Thursday 24 Sept: Mornington Road Trip with James Cheng, Ben Yap, Hannah and HuiHui.

Friday 25 Sept: I can't remember what I did. I only recall going for Hip Hop beg/int at MMA. There were these girls that, literally, right as class started, they ran up to the mirror and started checking their hair and adjusting their clothes and patting their faces before they ran back to place. The expression on the dance teacher's face was hilarious.

Saturday 26 Sept: Pot-luck lunch and games with UrbanLife. 'Watermelon' and 'Mafia' are totally awesome! Haha. Rosemary, Lappong and I totally owned at 'Watermelon' x). BBQ dinner and SingStar! night at Daren's place. Nada + Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love' = EPIC.

Sunday 27 Sept: Church! Yay! =)

Monday 28 Sept: Shiyou's parents invited us out to dinner at Pac House South Yarra, followed by dessert at Soda Rock. I really really love the cookie shake there. Thanks much to Sarah for introducing it to me.

Tuesday 29 Sept: Marketing Group Meeting Pt. 2. We actually managed to finish the whole report by that meeting. My group members are awesome! x). Had Creative Discipleship at church office at night. Funny thing was that they had spit up the discipleship by ministries, and well, planetUNI dance only had 5 of us there, so we joined the choir's discipleship. PS Nat was totally awesome, and she kept referring back to both choir and dancers in her message. and the message just totally applied to us dancers =D

Wednesday 30 Sept: Kaba Modern workshop! Met Jennifer there. Both of us were attending Beg/Int level taught by Mike Song. The choreography was totally awesome. It was a completely tutting routine to this Wii-themed song. For a complete beginner to Tutting, I kept up pretty okay, though as usual, i kept messing up the ending. =X

Here's the choreography, performed by Mike Song at another studio in USA.

Thursday 1 Oct: Sarah called me at 9am, a while after I had woken up, to ask if I was up for breakfast at 9.45am. LOL. I actually rushed. We headed down to Sugar Dough in East Brunswick. I had the 'Malaysian Pumpkin Torte'; was really good. tasted like curry puff! haha.

Friday 2 Oct: Headed to Bridge Road with Jon Tan to get my holiday retail therapy. I found a Sonic The Hedgehog T-shirt! My life is so complete now x). Wahahhaha. Got some pretty good buys; bought about 4 or 5 items for $100 altogther. Then we went down to my new apartment at City Side to check the mail and just bum around till dinner. Went to Grace's place to pick up Grace, Carmen and Patrick to go for dinner at Sushi Ten. Then...
Weixiong's CNY party! Karoake, Mahjong, Balloon volleyball and lohei! =))

Saturday 3 Oct: So I was supposed to go for Rodelle's 21st birthday picnic, but I think the past two week's events had worn me out. I just wasn't feeling too good, let alone up to going for the picnic. Ended up staying home and watching Glee with Jono and Sarah. And of course, later on continuing with Project: Share the Love. ;)

Sunday 4 Oct: Church again! PS Bill Johnson totally blew us away! =D What a humble and amazing and anointed speaker. Bless him.
At night, went for Tricia's Birthday Dinner at Longrain - with Sarah, Billy, Jono Ong, Ai Jet, Joey Poh, Joanne Yong, Tracey, and Roy. It was awesome to hang out with another group of friends. The food was good and we had loads of fun =))