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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 10:17 AM
Freedom in the name of Jesus.

Last night was the Planetshakers School Of Creative Arts showcase.

I was in 4 performances - The opening item, 1 hip-hop story piece, 1 jazz piece and 1 adv hip-hop piece.

My goodness was costume change fun. Thankfully the time lapse between each performance was actually longer than what it was during the rehearsals. Haha.

So the 1st half was all right, though I wasn't really into it somehow through the two pieces. I was dancing, but it was like, I wasn't there.

Thanks to Sarah to shaking me up.

Then I got myself back up for the 2nd half and felt like I really rocked it! I kept thinking about God and God only prior to those two performances and yes, while I did make mistakes, I was totally on track with the performances. Hee.

I haven't actually done a real formal showcase production kind of thing before. I have done ministry work, but that's a lot more carefree. I realised I was really nervous at the start but I thank God for the opportunity to go through it. It really opened my eyes to what more He has in store for me.

Of course, He told me that it will only get harder, though more fun and more fulfilling.

I say, bring it on.

Freedom has been really tasting epic sweet! Haha. I've got another week and a half here in Melbourne to just chill and relax before I fly back to Singapore. I cannot wait. Half a year is seriously too long and I just want to go back to my sunny island.

So unlike my last holiday, I don't really have a lot of happening plans this holiday. Apart from moving from College Square to CitySide, going for the first Project: Share The Love BBQ that I know is going to be awesome, a possible karoake session, a movie run with dear Sarah Woo, and some overdue catch-ups, I'm pretty much free. Come find me if you want someone to hang out with! x)