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Friday, November 27, 2009 11:55 PM
The day I stood speechless; and the most recent thoughts

Some random thoughts of the day.

Faith does not mean to strive or struggle, but to just believe. That's what I need to do, keep believing, keep praying, keep asking God what I need to correct myself.

What you say or do, whether you control your emotions or just fling them out in people's faces, will affect others. We need to learn to watch what we do, and stop being so selfish. Stop trying to grab people's pity and irking or trying to inflict guilt on those who you faced a conflict with. That's just being darn selfish.

I'm not sure what to think or feel. Just that I feel a bit awkward, like a backyard or a lamp post. I almost feel like I know yet I don't know. I was hoping this was settled long time ago, but then again I did concede that it was something that may not be easy to settle.

This is where I go find my UL leader asap.

Oh Holy Spirit, I hate these thoughts that kind of irk me. Help me to believe, help me to feel the real joy that my God has given to me. Help me to put You first, and not the things and ways of man. Help me to make You my first love again, Lord. <3


So I just realised that I did not blog about the awesome birthday surprise I got last thursday!

Basically it started off with dinner at Vue De Monde. Mummy had been checking and replying emails throughout dinner on her Blackberry.

After dinner, as we drove back to the apartment, my mummy started checking her email again. Then she started to look annoyed and suddenly said to Daddy, "Can we go to Cityside? I just remembered that I left this file of work and I need it to settle this issue with ____" (whoever the corp sec she was talking to, didn't catch the name).

So then we headed down to Cityside. As Daddy parked the car, I asked mummy whether she wanted all of us to come out of the car and she said yes, since I had not seen the flat with the furniture in it yet.

So obviously I didn't suspect anything.

Outside the apartment, my daddy took out the keys to open the door. Mummy started insisting that I open the door instead, so as to "practise unlocking the door since I will be the one staying there" Daddy just brushed it off and just opened the door.

When I walked in, the place was decorated with streamers and "18" metallic cut-outs and balloons. I was quite stunned. So my first thought was that this was a family surprise.

Until I saw the guy lying on the sofa bed.


Mummy and Daddy were both stunned too. I was just speechless, i didn't know what to say. First of all, how did he get in? Secondly, what was he doing here?

Weixiong woke up and got up, a little groggy but nonetheless shocked to see us there.

"Dude, what are you doing here?"
I asked

"Harhh... Hi auntie, Hi uncle... Oh no, you're here... they all waited very long already so they went downstairs to get drinks first"

I honestly thought it was a failed surprise.

The next thing I know hear a loud "SURPRISE" and I see people emerging from the corridor leading to the bedrooms.

ZOMG. Successful surprise!

My original UL31, UL5 and a few of my dancers were there!

OMG SO AWESOME TO SEE THEM. Haha I was really surprised. You get the picture.

So apparently, my mummy had faked the "need to get file from cityside" talk in the car.

Also, prior to that, there were a few slip-ups by my family, though lucky for them, I didn't suspect a thing.

1) My mummy called me on my daddy's number, while out furniture shopping, to ask me what time my exam finished. I asked her why she was using dad's number. She brushed off my question and just said, "Aiyah, he had it out so just used it"

Later on, I called my mum's phone after the exam and my sister picked it up. I asked her where mummy was, she said mummy was out furniture shopping. I said, "Oh, so mummy left her phone with you so that you have an aussie number that she can call you with yeh?" Vannie said yes.

Totally did not see the incoherency going on there.

2) In the afternoon, while we were getting ready to go for dinner. There was one point where Chris was lying on the bed, and Vannie jumped on him. Then Chris exclaimed out loud, "OUCH! WHY ARE YOU SO HOT? DID SHARON COOK YOU OR SOMETHING?"

Because apparently when my sister picked up my mummy's phone after my exam, she was actually at Sharon's house helping to bake the cake and the sweet treats for the surprise.

3) Just as we were about to leave, I was chatting with my sister when she suddenly mentioned, "Oh you know, jie jie Sarah's voicemail is very funny"

I stared at her, "How do you know jie jie Sarah's voicemail?"

Her eyes went a bit wide, "Uh erm I, I, uh... yeahh." Then she kept quiet.

At that moment, my mummy's expression was probably similiar to Homer Simpson's "DOH!" She distracted me by changing the conversation topic.

Honestly, I just thought that maybe Vannie had heard it from someone's phone, or that now that she seems to be making friends with all these KorKor's and JieJie's, maybe she had gotten Sarah's number. Whatever, I just brushed it off.

4) During dinner at Vue De Monde, my daddy kept on asking my mummy if she had the CitySide keys with her. Mummy kept giving daddy this look as if to tell him to stop asking her, because she was afriad i would suspect something.

This was before my mummy had said that she needed to go CitySide. Again, did not suspect anything.

Haha. Love birthdays. Thanks again everyone! =) Thank you Lord for the most awesome birthday, and better yet, a really special 18th! =D