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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, December 07, 2009 7:40 PM
Knowing which are YOUR storms to master

So this first week of holiday is turning out to be totally unexpected, not quite what I had in mind.

But then, I can see God in every turn and corner, in every rise and stumble of it all. I can pick up the lessons; I can breathe and in a way hear the words He speaks to my spirit and my heart.

While I realise that there are still many things I can get right about myself, I'm also shown that there are many areas where I have grown and improved in. Awesome stuff.

1 John 4
is an awesome chapter of the Word =)

Haven't really done much since I've got back to Singapore. I kind of like the whole slacking and resting thing, though my body is totally itching to dance again.

Well, if I can't dance, I can always learn and choreograph.

Yes I can hear you asking, "How? You can't learn or choreograph without practising and you have a leg injury,"

Trust me, you can. When there's a will, there's a way. x)

Sunday was Church and family day.

Monday was major slack day. I finished one of my new books, "Diary of A Teenage Girl: Maya No.3 - WHAT MATTERS MOST". Also finished the Oishinbo manga edition on "Rice".

For those who are curious, Oishinbo is a manga series that talks about japanese food, food and society, etiquette, japanese cooking, and culinary culture. It's super detailed yet it's super interesting and somewhat entertaining. Get to learn more about foooood!

Yesterday (tuesday), I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic at home, so I got myself out of the house and went walking around town. Bought two new movies - Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend (DVD) and Bring It On: Fight To The Finish (CD, just cause it was cheap and I needed some cheesiness).

Oh, and as my first time going around Singapore on my own since I got back, I felt so foreign and awkward. I seriously have not been home for the longest of time. I managed to flag down the correct bus (since I always seem to mistake the bus numbers). But when I got on the bus, my ez-link card did not work. So I took out my wallet and said, "$1.20 please". Only then did I realize that, because my ears were plugged with music, I said that pretty loudly. Also, the driver sorta paused for a bit, before pressing a button to issue the ticket. I then found out that I had actually given $1.50. Darn the different coin sizes! =X

I felt pretty embarassed. I think the fact I was dressed pretty non-Singaporean-girl-ish didn't help. Though I liked my outfit, and I kinda pacted with my younger brother that we would go against the norms of fashion in Singapore. Heeee. Anyways, I was wearing brown berms with attached suspenders that I left hanging, a plain white fitted pullover hoodie top, and my own worn-out white and gold baby phat sneakers. So me x))

Anyways, got home later in the afternoon and watched the Bring It On movie. Cheesy, yes. Somehow the cheerleading routines weren't really as impressive as past years (1st movie still the best); though I think that was purely the fault of the filming and camera angles used - You just couldn't see the routine wholly to enjoy it.

Today went for my first Singapore physio appointment with mummy, followed by an awesome all-asean lunch. Then came back and spent the rest of the day watching my younger brother play "Uncharted 2"

Tomorrow, I'm going to sit in the dance rehearsal for Lync's Christmas pieces, lead by my dear cousin Tazia; followed by my grandma's awesome awesome awesome beefsteak dinner. Friday meeting Dee. Saturday meeting WenHao. Sunday Church, followed by OSchool recital. Woot woot!

I thank You, God. For just being You. My Daddy God.