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Saturday, January 02, 2010 4:26 PM
And He makes all things new

So in the past week since I updated...

I met a guy named Bryan Lee who goes to a Clayton UrbanLife. He mentioned that he knew who I was because PJ had talked about me a fair bit before.

I went home and decided to be the kid sister brat, so I wrote on PJ's facebook wall:

"i met your UL member Bryan/Brian (not sure how to spell his name). He said you talk about me quite a bit. I'm touched. Hahahahahahaha. I know i'm awesome!!....

..... Kidding. whee. xD"

He hasn't replied yet. Mehhhhh.


I met up with JingXi, Vanessa Quek, Brenda, Catherine, and Catherine's friend Adrienne. OMG seriously, in these past years since secondary school, I've only seen VQ. It was such a joy to see and chat with Brenda and Jingxi and Cat again! Especially Cat, having not seen her since secondary 2.

It was an afternoon of chatting about school, university and future plans, scandals, boyfriends and crushes, and the wonderful workings of VQ. She's so heartless and cruel, she even questions her own actions sometimes xD

VQ, you know I love you. Haha.

And we also discovered that Monday afternoon was a bad day to try and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Long queue, too many people, and the remaining seats were so darn close to the screen.

So we went to the food court (after having left one food court, mind you) and chatted more.

I thank God for being able to meet up and still be able to talk to these lovely girls. =D


I had tonkatsu lunch with Christine a.k.a. Chicken and dear Wai Jean on tuesday. This was despite that Chicken had just returned from her family trip to Japan.

The three of us used to sit next to each other in Secondary 4. We had a lot of fun; used to laugh so hard that our stomachs hurt and our laughters would suddenly go mute.

And of course, Chicken used to say that laughing exercises your stomach muscles. For all you know, laughing continuously may give you abs.

Shared with her some of the awesome God testimonies that came from Melbourne. The best one was of PS Bill Johnson healing the man's legs. Seriously, God not only has the amazing power of healing and miracles, He's got the best sense of humour.

Chicken then brought us to this lone ice cream shop in one corner of Clarke Quay. The stall was literally enough for one (or maybe two) person(s) to stand in it, and only served 5 ice cream flavours. Basic flavours too. Chicken recommended mango and pistachio together on a cone (and surprisingly, the cone was only allowed 3 flavours max and was thus a whole $2 cheaper than the cup, which had to have 5 flavours in it)

The guy served my cone to me using some strange metal clamp. I reached out to grab the cone, only to be shocked when he suddenly lifted my ice cream up and retracted his arm, leaving me standing there with an empty cone.

And of course Chicken laughed. Wai Jean got a shock too.

He had doubled (or maybe tripled) my cone to play a trick on me. And the same trick worked again, another two times.

Turkish ice cream is interesting. It's not very creamy; more of a soft serve. The texture kind of reminds me of fruitella sweets, where you need to chew and pull the sweet (or in this case, the ice cream) apart, and you can see the stickiness of it as bits of the ice cream is stretched out.

If that makes sense. But it was yummy, trust me.


The day of New Year's eve was the day I finally got to have lunch with dear Sharon.

Sadly, Daddy had sprung a very filling kway chap breakfast on the family. Hence, by the time I got to the french place at Serene Centre, plus considering that it was Grandma's recipe for that thursday night was Nyonya Popiah and Kueh Pai Ti, I could only order soup.

Chris joined in with us for the lunch, and we talked about all things. Sharon was busy switching back between SMSS and ACS International frequencies, or so she says. Haha.

Then something awesome happened. Her mum called just after we had sat down, and announced that Sarah's (Sharon's sister) appeal to SMSS had been approved and that she was going to don those polka dots for the new year!

Dear Sharon started crying. Aww, sisterly love =))

God totally answers prayers; thank You Lord for hearing Sharon and her family's. =))


And of course, God has been hearing my prayers. There has been some spiritual struggle going on, some emotional days and a few tears, but God is really slowly coming through for me. I love You, Daddy God.

To A New Year.