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Tuesday, February 02, 2010 1:51 AM
Letting each day draw by peacefully, and God lets me be free of care and worry

Wow. Quite a long time since I last blogged, no?

Jon Tan came over the weekend and stayed in Singapore for 5 days. I think the highlight of his trip here was the "touristy" trip to Night Safari with Daniel Zhang, Diane, Doreen and Doreen's friend Isabel.

Seriously, I haven't been to the Night Safari in a heck of a long time, but the experience that monday night was surprisingly quite good. The hostess for the Creatures of the Night show was really good and entertaining; and of course the night time tram tour was fantastic. Up close and personal (though not too close, mind you)

The other highlight of the trip was the random LD night we did. Yep, you read it write - LD = LaserDisc. My mummy got Maria to hook up the old laser disc player we have (because somehow dear mummy doesn't trust my capability to do a lot of things lately ^^''). So Jon Tan and I raided the LD collection downstairs like it was some major treasure trove and we watched a couple of old school stuff such as the Steven Spielberg dinosaur animated film called "We're Back", a couple of 2nd generation power rangers TV episodes, and old school Disney goes to ___ sing-a-longs (we watched the one to the beach, i.e. Disneyland Florida and the one to the circus)

Old school fun x))

Otherwise, my days have been well-spent either:

1) Reading "Beloved" by Toni Morrison (note to self: need to improve reading speed again)

2) Reading and waiting on manga and anime updates (Fairy Tail, Get Backers and Code:Breaker manga FTW. Inuyasha the Final Act anime sooooo exciting 0.0)

3) Reading random fan fiction or checking out fan art (my eyeballs are going to be like popping out of their sockets by the time my holiday ends)

4) Dancing and choreographing (Speaking of which, my new choreography is almost done; just need to sharpen and clean up some of the moves)

5) Well there isn't exactly a number 5 yet, but I do plan to play ps3/wii and try to finish as much of my two games as possible [Sonic and Legend of Zelda] (Not much difference from staring at my mac screen the whole day, but hey, at least I get some real hand-eye coordination going)

And no, I haven't been just lazying around. Before Jon Tan arrived, I was still doing my half-day shifts at mum's office, doing housekeeping and filing for her. ^^

So it has been a little quiet here with me and God, but I'm thinking that He is letting me really enjoy a simple day of no 'excitement'. I mean, when you think about it, we really take a normal day for granted - we deem it 'boring'. However, there are people in the world who have to fight for survival, or worry about something major like a terminal illness, a disorder, some screwed up relationships in the family, thrilling lovers or one-night stands etc., and many times a week (if not every day), they have to go through this terrible roller coaster of drama that leaves them feeling like crap.

And yet this is sometimes the kind of drama we seem to want every day. Maybe you don't say it that way, but then you don't really know what you want when you call life "boring". I know I didn't.

Of course I'm not saying that drama is completely bad and should be totally exempted from our lives. Events that leave us feeling crap are inevitable; God lets us go through such trials that we may come out stronger. But I do think that being bored with life and wishing it to be more exciting (with drama, of course) just isn't good for oneself. If anything, it leaves you feeling pretty down as well.

So in a way, I get a kick out of staying at home (and actually having a home to stay in) and just being able to breathe. I read somewhere before that there was a pastor who thought that He had to really commit all his free time to doing bible studying and devouring the Word and listening out for God and all.

Then God told him to go player soccer with his friends. Quite funny, but true. God just wants us to enjoy being alive - that would include living a normal day when nothing "exciting" may happen. (He'll throw in the exciting stuff when the times comes according to His plan)

I think on my part, the manga reading and anime watching have swarmped my time and I only leave the really longer conversations with God to my quiet time and devotionals - BAD.

So I guess I'll take this opportunity to say thanks to God for a normal, simple, relaxed day =D No drama.