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Thursday, May 20, 2010 9:36 PM
And it's drawing near that time of the semester again...

Exams in a bit more than two weeks' time.

That was fast. This semester has just breezed by. Like rapid motion.

I'm loving every second of it though. Even the stresses, because at the end of the day, there's Daddy God there for me to talk to, to calm my nerves and to knock some sense into me.

And I realized that even though I've already grown so much and reached a certain stature, I still have a looooong way to go. Plus, I'm not only discovering, but also re-learning things every day. About me, about God, about my friends, about how I live day to day.

God has taken a couple of unexpected turns in my life, and I think He's really pushing me this year and challenging me to overcome even bigger obstacles in life. But then again, they say that the bigger the trial, the more power you actually have inside you to tackle it down. After all, God doesn't let you go through something unless you are able to handle it. He knows well. He definitely knows me well.

I will admit here and now that this past month or two have been pretty physically tiring, emotionally stressful, and spiritually exhausting. Every other week or so, I seem to face some roadblock. Yet, each time, either God helps me to destroy the roadblock, or He teaches me the right way to get around the roadblock, and to never let it near my path again. Like I said, I'm still learning.

I feel excited, and I'm not actually sure why. It's like I have this feeling that something (or maybe it's plural) big, explosive, major, crazy, off-the-shizzang is going to happen.

By the way, if you're ever thinking of trying something a bit strange but very interesting, take Creative Non Fiction, some of the pieces you read (be it from your reader or from your tute-mates) are quite..... fascinating. That is all I will say.

Also, SOCA classes have been giving me even greater breakthroughs and revelations week by week. I have this major urge in my spirit to get to a studio, flick on the Christian beats and just go in full on worship and praise. I might just do that, after all I have two weeks after exams x))

The other day I was thinking of things I never want to do:
- I never want to think that I am not worth it, that others do not have the best perception of me. Because I know I am loved, God loves me, my family loves me and my friends love me.
- I never want to let my dance go secular. My dance is my ministry, it is worship. I can train myself in secular context, but what drives my dance is not secular, it is of the love of God.
- I never want to take loved ones forgranted
- I never want to spend a day without taking to God at least once.
- I never want to think that I know better, that I should do this or that, that I should have that position. God knows best, God positions and God commands.
- I never want to go back to the introvert that I used to be; God has got me to break out of that, so I will just shout louder.

So yeah, probably won't blog till after exams. God bless my younger brother who just enlisted in army today =)