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but those who hope in the LORD
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They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Sunday, June 27, 2010 11:37 PM
I like

So I saw this blog post where one simply writes down all the things he or she likes - ranging from normal likes to quirky likes - as many as you want. So here we go.

I like watching my brothers play their console games.
I like the fact that I can beat my older brother at at least one video game - Pokemon Puzzle League
I like going nuts and just dancing during praise
I like baggy pants. My wish list includes a pair of baggy, vintage old faded bleached jeans with a drop crotch.
I like boots with laces
I like eating sambal chilli and prawn chilli by the spoonfuls
I like wriggling my nose like a guinea pig
I like playing with my hair and styling it in weird ah-lian harajuku styles.... within the privacy of my bedroom of course.
I like my Daddy God, the love and grace He has shown me, and the talent and ministry He has honored me with
I like that tingling feeling I get when watching the romance scenes in chick flicks, especially if the two characters have the chemistry that works.
I like Disney
I like cleaning (and shelling) squids and prawns
I like Sora's outfit in Kingdom Hearts 2; if I were an anime male character, I'd totally wear that.
I like the concept of masculine feminine to describe my fashion style
I like sitting in the cold with the heater turned on full-blast at my feet
I like going to the movies, particularly to watch trailers before movies and spoilers/previews at the end of movies
I like annoying Jon Tan and teasing Sarah. And I love them both too, of course
I like singing 90's songs and feel good popular mainstream music at kbox
I like watching my urbanlife leader sing at Kbox, especially when a R&B or rap song comes on
I like the wind blowing my hair, and the feel of walking against the wind
I like the magical moment when you step forward and at that moment the autumn leaves around you fly up in a swirling motion
I like Switchfoot and Jon Foreman
I like dance-walking; now if only I were brave enough to actually move more than my elbows, hands and arms
I like studying with noise around me, with my ears plugged and music cranking from my itunes
I like strolling around Orchard Road by myself for hours
I like BoA's hairstyles and fashion sense
I like that one time my primary school friends and I ended up playing a game of catch in Kinokuniya Bookstore, and we didn't get caught
I like the automated touch-screen order machines at the 24-hour McDonald's on Bourke Street; cheap thrills of ordering fast-food meals
I like the hairdresser on King and Bourke, the korean hairdressers there are really awesome and friendly
I like that I have a hairdresser in Melbourne who can remember me by face and remember what style of cut I did before
I like the guy who makes the coffee at Animal Orchestra
I like the fact that on a day that is not crowded, I can walk into Animal Orchestra and even before I order, the guy will have a cup ready for my Soy Chai
I like the feeling of all your muscles loosening up when you're collapsed on the floor after a tough workout
I like standing on public transportation
I like vests and kicks
I like talking about all things nerdy with my nerd buddy Tricia Ong
I like painting my fingernails blue and my toenails a darker blue
I like scratching off scabs
I like Fairy Tail
I like the fried rice I made on the day of my brother's last paper - Sambal chilli, onions, carrots, garlic, prawn heads and a bit of the prawn brains scooped out (trust me, it's good!)
I like doing turn exercises across the room in Jazz class
I like the one time when I went for my first Krump class with Brodie and Aaron Chen. Funniest scenario ever - picture white blonde guy, small chinese boy, and small chinese girl trying to go ghetto
I like watching my dancers dance something God has choreographed through me (I admit, I was going to say my choreography, but then again, it really isn't mine =))