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Friday, October 15, 2010 12:04 AM
Just when I'm feeling dry, I think about all the good things God has done

Forgive me for going MIA. A lot of things have happened in these past few months. Time flies. Like really, at some crazy lightning speed. You go through the motions of life, and you forget to just set aside that few minutes a day just to thank God.

Not complain, not ramble, not get overly excited about a good grade that you got, but just saying to Him, "Thank You".

I'm guilty of that. And today I just want to say thank You to my Daddy God. For being with me through everything. For always reminding me of His promises. For always affirming my identity in Christ. For always encouraging me. For always loving me.

Here's a run-through of all the things that happened these past few months

planetUNI City Camp 2010

Probably one of the best things God has ever choreographed through me. This opening item was so much fun to do and was a bit more challenging as well. All about the funk, the fun, the street.

planetUNI dance crew. I love these guys. They are the most hardworking, dedicated people I know with the greatest sense of servanthood and humility.

Check out the colours!

The lyrical. God pushed me past what I thought were my limits. Never before did I know that I could express emotions in that form, that I could dance and worship in such a way, that my body has been made by God to do these things I never thought I could. And yes, I have officially debuted in a skirt.

UrbanLife challenge. Heaps of fun and running and screaming and doing crazy random things. For example, we did the chicken dance outside a KFC in public in front of a bunch of goth-dressed people and street punks (then we ran for our lives. Lol.). Also, we had to rummage the trash for particular items, collect them and keep them to bring back to base point.

The best thing we had to do was the homeless challenge. Buy a meal or a cup of coffee for a homeless person. We bought a cup of coffee and found this older lady named Lee lying on a mat in an alley corner. It broke my heart, to see that some people have to go through life living such circumstances. I hate the fear that stepping out to do something would be weird; I want to rebuke that. I will rebuke that.

One of the urbanlifes found a middle-aged lady sleeping in a carpark. They looked at each other and said, "Nahh, we can't have this". Then they took out all the money they had and pooled enough to pay for that woman's 3-night stay at a hostel. The love of God, yes and amen.

Youth Alive 2010. Seriously, some of the youth are crazyyyy wild. Hillsongs were on that night and led a time of praise and worship. Reggie Dabbs spoke a short but powerful message, and we saw over 1000 youths give their lives to Christ. Praise God. =)

Liwen came to Melbourne! That week was so much fun! So basically we hung out and saw each other almost 24/7 for the first half of the week, then I had to abandon her to do my assignment for the 2nd half of the week. Baking a cake made out of potatoes, eating yummy breakfast at Hardware Societe, having dinner with Wai jean (miss you heaps!), tim burton exhibition, meeting with Kym for lunch and of course, the late night chats. So good to see how far God has taken her and I know there's only MORE in store.

This is Nada. One of my dancers and probably one of the most epic and entertaining peeps to go kbox with. Had so much fun at kbox with him, the dancers, jeremy and bryan lee.

POREOTICS IN MELBOURNE! Oh yeahhhh. They totally killed the stage. And they performed twice! =D

Dumbo's workshop. So apparently Dumbo from Poreotics got stranded in Melbourne a few days longer due to issues with his flight ticket. What better way to spend the few days than to hold an exclusive last minute workshop? The workshop was a popping one, and it was tough! I kept blanking out on the 2nd half of the choreography since popping and isolations don't come naturally me. Has totally inspired me to go and learn popping properly. Haha. The only downside was that half of the people attending the workshop were high-schooling fan girls who weren't dancers or at least weren't there to seriously dance... they just wanted to stare at dumbo -.-''

The highlight of my semester up to date: Billionaires' road trip. Five of us - Dean, Mx, Weiying, Sarah and yours truly - flew to Sydney, rented a car, and drove back to Melbourne over three days. We stopped at a different town every night, and sunday we were on the road from 8am to 12am the next day (partly because we made a few scenic pit stops and an unforeseen circumstance occurred xD). Why Billionaire? Well, Travis McCoy's Billionaire was our road trip theme song, we just couldn't stop singing it.