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Thursday, January 06, 2011 3:05 PM
Resolutions totally fail, but it doesn't hurt to make some plans... x))

After learning that I won't be able to do my basic theory test or driving lessons because of the limited amount of time I have in Singapore before I head back to melbourne, I spent a whole day doing nothing at home.

Unless you count youtub-ing SClub7 and A*Teens music videos as doing "something" =P

And then I realized that while yes I do need my rest days, it does not feel that great to do absolutely nothing at home.

And after going for a hip hop technique/basics class today, I've decided that I really have to work.

So here's my list of plans for this start of 2011 (a week late, but oh wells):
1) Dance classes 2/3 times a week
2) Self-training and practice twice a week
3) Get to "October" on Valkyria Chronicles 2
4) Lots and lots of reading (hopefully the video gaming doesn't take away time that could be well spent)
5) Impact somebody's life in some way
6) Smile everywhere I go
7) Start a habit of reading my bible
8) Catch up with friends at least one more time before I go back
9) Learn some basics of another language - maybe korean or malay.
10) Practise my cooking skills - new house, new kitchen, why not?
11) Shopping - much needed.

I actually considered choreographing, but I think I'm going to hold that off for now. I want to focus on training myself, physically and spiritually.