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but those who hope in the LORD
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-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, June 06, 2011 6:32 PM
X: Honoured to serve and be part of a God vision

cr: planetUNI
Over the course of preparing for this big night, I've really learned and understood the true meaning of leadership. It means you're ready to serve, commit, pour out, and work more than those under you. That you're willing to care, pray for, watch over, teach and disciple. And that more than anything, your heart is teachable and you are always ready to learn and receive more - from those under you and those who lead you.

Not that it was easy in any way. Although interestingly this event, things ran way smoother than ever. It came down to one week before the event, and I broke down under the stress of it all.

But God knows, and He hears the cries of the hearts of His children. He heard mine. He comforted me, directly and through my leaders and friends, and pushed me up even higher.

Being part of a stage ministry also puts one in danger of soaking up the attention of it all, because one is the face of the ministry. I thank God that He has convicted me and swept away all pride. This was and is all Him, not me. This was all God's idea, God's choreography, God's planning. =)

I thank God for the opportunity and the honour to serve. One decision for Christ, one person's life changed would have been more than enough. 100 people at the altar call that night just brought tears of joy to my eyes. God is good. =)

And through this event, I feel that I have become a better dancer. God-empowered.

I have amazing leaders, an amazing dance team, amazing support from the other ministry areas, and amazing fellowship with every single person. Every single person involved in this event has poured out so much time, effort, energy but have done it wholeheartedly with a smile on their face. These people are major inspirations to me.

But most of all, an amazing Heavenly Father who watches over me.

This is why I dance, that lives may be touched and changed. That people will see the passion of Christ in me, and feel the presence of God in their lives. That people will feel the love and come to know the message of the cross. I dance because God has given me the talent to use it in His calling for me. <3