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Wednesday, July 06, 2011 8:56 PM
The next step of this journey called life. God be my guide.

So today I have found an actual alternate option to my future plans. And when I say 'actual', I mean that I may consider it, and it could potentially be where I end up.

This is why a Jesus date is really needed. To seek God. But not to seek Him for what to do next, but just to seek God. Nothing else. Matthew 6:33. Seek God first, and everything will be revealed in time. Seek God with the first intention of actually wanting something from Him... don't be surprised if it seems like He's not giving you an answer. God doesn't do things that way.

I'm really enjoying my time at home. Yesterday I went out with my Grandpa Harry to Chinatown again. We had lunch at the hawker centre at People's Park, sharing some oyster omelet and pig organ soup (love this!). I think a real treat for is just being there to acknowledge and once in a while, respond to whatever my Grandparents say. They just love the company of the grandchildren, and I'm more than happy to be there :) I told Grandpa I wanted to stop by Far East Plaza to do some shopping, so I said he could go home first. But he insisted on following me, and even ended up tagging with me to 77th street! Sooooo funny. He teased the salesgirls about giving us a discount, although he got a shock when he realized the top was under $30 x))

Today was spent at home playing video games and cleaning up my application for postgraduate law. Every time I read and re-read my statement, I feel even more nervous. I am actually planning the next stage of my life, what exactly I'm going to be doing for the next few years of my life. It's.... kind of scary yet exciting.

I'm currently reading "Dreaming with God" by Bill Johnson, and my goodness, from the first chapter already I got so much revelation out of it. Like WOW. I'm slowly making my way through, pausing after reading each section to kind of soak it in (I admit masterchef australia spoilers are interrupting a little =P). But really, WOW.

Love life <3

12:43 PM
The truth about SWAG.

On Monday night I went for my first "The Vibe Concept" dance class with Brian Puspos.

OMG SO MUCH SWAG. I loved it.

And I didn't too bad, considering I haven't moved in one month. I pretty much kept fumbling the footwork in the third-quarter of the routine, but during my last round I think I did pretty ok. I reckon sometimes it really does take pushing your body, and trusting your body to react as it should, as well as knowing your musicality and your steps. The musicality to the track was so deep, something I'm not used to. I'm glad I got to give it a go, and learn from it.

Brian Puspos Truth of Swag (Not an exact quote, but something along those lines): "You wanna know how to do swag? Look confused. Ever see them african american dudes walking holding their crotches looking confused? That's the truth, you know it"

I cracked up.

Next class tomorrow night. Can't wait :D