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but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

-Isaiah 40:31

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Monday, September 05, 2011 8:31 AM
The best weekend yet at planetUNI camp 2011!

Seriously, my expectations were sooo crazy high for this camp, and my excitement was sooo explosive I could've easily pinballed a room.

And yet God still blew them out of the roof, like millions times more than what I had walked into camp with.

Leading up to camp, God has been doing a work in me - and I have been tested into it.

Camp was the finale. I am free. I am changed. This is for real.

[Credit for all the amazing photo montages goes to the talented media team of planetUNI: planetUNI tumblr]

Every single message that Ps Kenneth shared with us was so relevant, and I'm pretty sure not just to what has been going on in my life but in a lot of other people's lives.

All those expectations and breakthroughs I wrote down on a piece of paper at Urbanlife felt like they were all answered, and even more. As Ps Matt would say, it was like a complete heart surgery done. Amen.

And that's why I'm picking up my shield of faith. The steel wall has been shattered; I have nothing to fear or be ashamed of anymore. My God project is going to go into motion and I will glorify my God through it.

A little bonus. We had a hilarious Colours Wars where few urbanlifes were grouped together to compete in games throughout camp. And GREEN TEAM WON! :D

No kidding, we were so sure we weren't going to win that my urbanlife started cheering for the ORANGE team (ie non-existent group, there was no orange team)

And that GREEN was called out, followed by the comment that we had won by a landslide. First we stared at each other in shock, then we screamed, then we just bolted for the front hugging each other and screaming. The prize was a treasure chest filled with chocolates that were wrapped in gold and silver wrapping.

In our excitement we just flung a huge amount of chocolates to the rest of the campers. Apologies for anyone who got hurt ^^"

Funnily enough, I went in excited for myself, but almost a bit more excited for my urbanlife and the newbies - those who had either never been for camp before, or had only been to City Camp.

And definitely, God answered that. I call them the "younger" ones because they came to planetUNI after me - I loved seeing the younger ones feel the presence of God so strong and just be touched by an encounter with Him. I loved my urbanlife peeps stepping out to want to grab their breakthroughs and see their expectations fulfilled. As a leader this year, I got to serve on the praying side of the prayer tunnel first. As I prayed for people, I felt words of wisdom, anointings, refreshings, joy and hope just running through me into people. I got so excited and bent my knees and clapped so hard and shouted so loud that my back, hands and throat hurt after. HAHA. Oh wells. God you are so amazing!

Even better, God turned the tables on me. Hit by the Holy Spirit FOUR times in one night. Starting with Ps Kenneth's altar call, where I laid it all down. Then I got slained, and God revealed His majesty to me. Then the prayer tunnel, God pumped up the power, and the tangibility of his presence was so great I could barely walk. He just kept giving me more. And finally when I saw a friend of mine, and hugged her after she had walked through the prayer tunnel. She prayed for me, and everything she said - Let's just say the only way it could be that spot-on was that God had just served up more than my expectations. Just. Wow.

I want to take the courage to use my gift beyond the limits that I thought I could. I can't wait to hear the stories/testimonies/encounters/revelations from many others. I feel like I am to feed this into my way of worship, and share them through dance. Starting with my own, of course :)

And if you went to camp not expecting much, dear brother or sister, you just got served by God! :D

You ain't never find a King like mine.